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Studying mathematics at the University of Graz

Puzzling over challenging problems, discussing possible solutions in a team, and learning to explore complex interrelationships in a structured way - this and much more is what a degree course in mathematics at the University of Graz entails.

The Institute of Mathematics and Scientific Computing offers mathematical degree programmes at Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral level with a wide range of specialisation options, partly across universities within the framework of NAWI Graz. On these pages you will find information on these study programmes, as well as links to relevant websites of the University of Graz and to contact persons.


The new curriculum for the Bachelor programme Mathematics is starting this winter term 22/23!
The new curriculum can be found here (German only).


For first-year students and those interested in mathematics, the following courses are also highly recommended:
(Not all links are available in English yet.)

► the 'Woche der Modellierung mit Mathematik' (for math-loving students in their final year!).

► the OSA site, which provides a virtual insight into the study programme. (German only)

► the MINT course:
With this course, people who are interested in mathematics, science or technology have the opportunity to check their basic skills in arithmetic. The course is specifically designed for prospective students and is solely for personal orientation (Am I a MINT?). Participation is voluntary and the results are neither stored nor viewed by third parties. (Since the language of instruction of our bachelor program is German, the questions are only available in German.)
To start the course, you need the following access data:
Access with existing UGO user account:
Click on "Login uniACCOUNT" on the left and enroll for the course via the action menu on the top right.
Access without existing UGO user account (= External User):
Click on "Login External Users" on the right, log in with the following data:
User: "mintuser"
Password: "MXntStudXumYYY" where the two "X" are each replaced by "!", and "YYYY" is replaced by the year 2022.
(ATTENTION: The password will be changed periodically and republished here. In case of problems please contact Anna Legenstein, BSc.)

► the 'Brückenkurs':
It is intended to facilitate the transition from school mathematics to university mathematics and serves as preparation for an optimal entry into studies. It always takes place before the start of the winter term. (link to the course).


Curricula commissions for mathematics

Assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr.rer.nat.

Martin Holler

Heinrichstraße 36, 3rd floor

Phone:+43 316 380 - 5156

Course schedules

!!! NEW !!!
MINT course for all prospective students

Details on this page under 'For first-year students and those interested in mathematics'.

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